Author: Pastor Megan Hackman

Got Trust Issues?

We put a date on a sticky note: October 16, 2021. That one yellow square lives on a poster-sized post-it note by the copier at 703 Kitsap Street where we mapped out all the events for the fall. This date didn’t have an event title yet, but we knew we wanted to serve our neighborhood […]

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Does This Happen Often?

“Does this kind of thing happen often in Port Orchard?” asked Rosemary, incredulous. “Well, it certainly seems to happen more when I fast and pray,” I responded.

I met a young mom and her daughter in a restaurant in the 3 minutes it took Rosemary to pay the bill. Ten days later a text from her read… […]

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Right Now

WORSHIP Thank you for coming! KEEP IN TOUCH! Provide your email to hear from us every two weeks to stay up-to-date with happenings in Port Orchard! Here’s our latest newsletter. A few ways we participate in weekly worship: Sundays 11am GatheringThursdays 12-12:30pm Prayer *For the past year, we have worshipped on Tuesday nights at the Nazarene […]

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