You’ve got two options!

You’ve got two options!

Starting this Sunday, Chapel Hill Port Orchard is worshipping at 9:30 AND 11:00am! Why would a small church add a second service? 

Because we are a church for our neighbors, seeking God’s shalom in our neighborhoods… 

And we’ve run out of room for our neighbors! May this never be! This Sunday we had two or three seats in the kitchen without a line of sight to the living room and one in the middle of it all in the living room someone could have squeezed into. That’s not enough for us! 

We are asking God to use this space he’s given us at 703 Kitsap Street to break down barriers people in our community have to come to a local church. We feel like we’ve made great strides in that direction! 

  • We’re meeting in a house downtown.  
  • We aren’t afraid to talk about our “trust issues” (our current series title) that we have with God, one another and his church. 
  • We’ve made conversation about faith in Jesus accessible during the service. 
  • Good coffee… comfortable seats… hospitable people… 

And yet—there hasn’t been enough space to invite a neighbor to come and join you to re-explore faith, God, and his church with you. 

Now there is! Please join us this weekend at 9:30 or 11:00am. Invite a neighbor to come with you!  

Kids birth to fifth grade will worship God upstairs in their own way of song, story, conversation, and play during the 11:00 hour. They’re welcome with you at the 9:30 service, and we’ll equip you to engage your own kids throughout the service in “the octopus room” off the living room. 

Looking for parking? There is a large, gravel city lot off Prospect Street behind the house. Come through the alleyway and in the backdoor like real family to keep out of the weather. 

I’m excited to see you again and meet your neighbors, 

Pastor Megan