Do I really need more lights?

Do I really need more lights?

Spur of the moment—the time was set aside for sermon preparation, but I wrote this instead. It made sense, given all the questions swirling in my brain at that moment:

  1. “Can I spend $$$$$$$ on a remodel? It’s just supply and demand, right?”
  2. “How reasonable it is to buy four more strands of Christmas lights?”;
  3. “Do I have a valid excuse today to skip the gym?”

I knew as a follower of Jesus that I should answer each of these differently than the world, right? Or is it okay that I am just the same as everyone else?

Let me see if I can help make some of those connections between my brain and what I hope is helpful for you this Advent. 

Advent means coming. These four weeks we are actively waiting for the King to come. We’re lighting the candles, each week adding more and more light, recognizing that the hope is brighter and brighter with each passing day, the hope of the King on his throne for all the world to see. 

Believing that we’re waiting for a king does make a difference. Big differences. Acknowledging a king means we believe in a higher authority, someone worthy of seeking counsel from. Believing in a king means aligning yourself with someone else’s idea of what’s best; what’s right; what’s good; what’s fair; what’s important; what’s urgent.

Problem is: we don’t want anyone telling us what to do.

BUT! If this King really is best, right, good, fair, important, and purposeful, then wouldn’t all the decisions we’re making about home, purchases, our bodies be BETTER if we were to follow his lead?? 

Don’t we want what’s better?

Do we or do we not have access to a king? 

Then why are we taking so much responsibility/control/license for our lives without him?

So, if you’re feeling radical…

Or if you’re just tired of making decisions alone…

Or if you think – there really has to be more to life than this remodel, right?

Then let me offer you some reflective questions that came to me in the spur of the moment on Saturday on the eve of Advent. As we await his coming, let me invite you to seek his advice on these areas of your life as well as mine.

Here is a week-long Advent guide. I’d love to hear what difference it makes in your life that you believe in King Jesus or what difference it would make if you did believeEmail me!

Pledging our allegiance to a King and declaring our hope of his return surely will make a difference, big differences, for our own good and the good of the world.