MISSION: We believe we are called to exalt Jesus, elevate others, and launch disciple-makers.

VISION: We are committed to three things: to CARE for our community with mercy and compassion; to SHARE the gospel so that the others would discover new life in Jesus; and to PREPARE and mobilize the next generation to live a victorious life on mission for Jesus. Learn more about our vision.

OUR DNA: There are unique distinctives about Chapel Hill that we call our DNA. If any of these values were missing, we wouldn’t be Chapel Hill. Learn more.

DISCIPLESHIP: As followers of Jesus, we want to be with him, become like him, and do what he did. As a community, we want to be a thriving family of believers, committed to reaching and loving our community. As Christians who believe we have been called to be disciples as we disciple others, we worship, serve, connect, and seek fresh ways to reach others with God’s love. Our biggest desire is to grow in deep, meaningful faith as we go about our professional, social, and family lives. And we’re so excited for you to join us on that journey.

OUR LOGO: Learn more about the meaning of our logo and how it helps tell our story.


Chapel Hill is a member of a Christian denomination called the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). Learn more about why we are proud to be a part of the EPC here.

There are three offices in the EPC church: Ministers of the Word and Sacrament (also called Teaching Elders or Pastors), Ruling Elders, and Deacons. Learn more about our Elders and Deacons. You can also serve alongside the Deacons; learn about their ministry areas of responsibility here.


We are passionate followers of Jesus, wholeheartedly embracing his death and resurrection, and the incredible salvation he offers. We acknowledge our own imperfections and believe that sin can create a barrier between us and God. We firmly believe our salvation is a gift of God’s grace, readily available to all who seek him through Jesus.

Scripture is our foundation, and we believe the Bible is absolutely true, infallible, and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We’re committed to what we call the “Essentials of the Faith,” which are held by all congregations in the EPC.

Leaders in our church (pastors and elders) affirm a specific document of beliefs called the Westminster Confession of Faith, a rich, historical document that still holds relevance today. Members or attenders don’t need to agree with everything in the Westminster Confession of Faith, but it helps our leaders stay united in what we believe.

SACRAMENTS: As Presbyterian Christians, we observe two sacraments: baptism and the Lord’s Supper (also called communion).

HEALING: Chapel Hill also has specific core beliefs on healing, based on our understanding of the Bible. Learn more here.

POSITION PAPERS: If you’re wondering where the EPC, and thus Chapel Hill, stand on a number of pressing issues of our day (including human sexuality, abortion, and more), you can read the denomination’s Position Papers here.


  • Cara Taylor

    Cara Taylor

    Outreach Director
  • Connor Caldwell

    Connor Caldwell

    Production Director
  • Dan Griswold

    Dan Griswold

    Facilities & Operations Sr. Dir.
  • Dawn Davis

    Dawn Davis

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Ellis White

    Ellis White

    Associate Pastor
  • Gunnar Tesdahl

    Gunnar Tesdahl

    Pastor of Worship Arts
  • Jenna Arnold

    Jenna Arnold

    Digital Outreach Director
  • JJ Bland

    JJ Bland

    Preschool Director
  • Joshua Stuart

    Joshua Stuart

    Technical Director
  • Judson Taylor

    Judson Taylor

    Comms & Mktg. Sr. Dir.
  • Julie Hawkins

    Julie Hawkins

    Pastor of Next Steps
  • Kim Hagey

    Kim Hagey

    Early Childhood Dir.
  • Mark Toone

    Mark Toone

    Senior Pastor
  • Paul Hargreaves

    Paul Hargreaves

    Family Min. Sr. Dir.
  • Rachel White

    Rachel White

    Pastor of Lifegroups & Alpha
  • Scott Hagadorn

    Scott Hagadorn

    IT Director