Life presents big questions. Is there more to this life than just this? Why do I feel so disconnected and afraid? What is my purpose? Who is Jesus?

We think those questions deserve exploration. Not easy answers. Not dismissal. But true exploration.

Alpha is for everyone, whether or not you are connected to the Christian faith, or any faith at all, but it is especially designed for those who aren’t or aren’t sure if they are believers. Alpha is a series of talks, and each talk will look at a different question around faith and life. You’ll have a chance to join a small group discussion. No question is off limits and you can choose whether to share your thoughts and questions or simply observe.

So join the conversation. Ask. Wrestle. Listen. Invite a friend who is exploring faith to attend with you. And let’s discuss some of life’s big questions in a safe and welcoming environment.


Chapel Hill hosts in-person Alpha sessions several times a year. The next session begins on October 2, 2024. To find out more, check out or email us.

Alpha sessions begin at 6:30 pm weekly on Wednesdays in the Gathering Place at Chapel Hill Church. Dessert is provided and childcare/kids programming is available from Nursery – Middle School.

Can’t wait? Find an Alpha near you!

Chapel Hill also runs Youth Alpha for middle school and high school students periodically. Learn more.