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Making a home everywhere we go

Bert Miner pointed out something to me that I had missed. We had been looking for places where we might gather for worship around Port Orchard, and I had naively valued location, price and ease as the top of needs for a temporary location. Bert, however, having worshipped with us with his wife, Cathy, since […]

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God provides… again!

Who would have thought that two days before Christmas Eve that it was even possible for twelve pastors, school administrators, and ministry leaders to reply to an urgent email? And yet, that’s exactly what happened.   Subject Line: SOS!  Response: (universally) We’ll see if we can help!  Every single person was on vacation and/or preparing for Christmas. I was overwhelmed […]

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Four steps to re-open Chapel Hill

Since COVID-19 made it impossible for all of us to meet together for worship, you have taken the words “beyond these walls” literally and embraced this moment by worshipping in your homes, gathering in LifeGroups over Zoom, praying for one another virtually, and even changing the way you give money to Chapel Hill so that […]

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Let’s make it an adventure!

One of the most interesting sites in Rome actually lies UNDER Rome. 90 miles of catacombs were carved in ancient times as burial sites. But these underground cemeteries were transformed into churches when persecuted Christians began to worship in them during the first and second century. It was certainly not as convenient as an above-ground […]

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Haiti Worship Night

Friday evening, April 28 After taking a red-eye flight, we arrived in Port-au-Prince on Friday afternoon greeted by torrential rains, but they lightened up by the time we reached the guest house. After settling in and having a light dinner, we went to a “Night Watch” prayer and worship service at Joseph’s church (he is […]

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