Month: May 2020


This weekend I will be preaching on the topic of encouragement. Did you know that encouragement is a spiritual gift? It is also called “exhortation.” But “encouragement” is less inscrutable! And even if you don’t have to have the spiritual gift of encouragement, you can hone that skill. All you need do is practice! I […]

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Sleep on This: Mixed emotions (May 28)

Good evening, friend: In 586 B.C., King Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian army conquered the people of Israel, sacked Jerusalem, and destroyed Solomon’s beautiful temple. As was their custom, they led masses of the vanquished Jews back to Babylon where they would be held in exile and assimilated into their culture. But fifty years later, the Babylonians were […]

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On sacrifice

Let’s talk about sacrifice. There is something about being human that seeks out relatability. We want to share in the experience of others, practice that empathy emotion. But when I think of the idea of sacrifice, real sacrifice, I have a hard time finding where I can relate. Sure, we all make little sacrifices here […]

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