Month: October 2021

Hurry up and slow down already

“Yala, Yala!” I can hear a co-worker enticing us to transition into a meeting.  “Pali-Pali!” I can hear a professor teaching us about Korean culture to get moving.  “Let’s go!” I can hear myself calling out to my family from the garage just about any day.  It’s human nature, right? Productive. Efficient. Multi-tasking. These attributes rank high as points of praise for employees, students, and kids alike.  […]

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These are Chapel Hill Church’s core beliefs on healing. God is sovereign. He heals his people by whatever means and in whatever time he chooses. (Mt. 8:1-3; Mk. 1:40-42) God alone is the source of all restoration and healing. Spiritual reality encapsulates every aspect of human life, affecting mind, body and soul. (Job, esp. chapter […]

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