Month: January 2024

Created for wonder: how to recapture wonder in your life 

Sunday’s Coming! “Judas.” The name is synonymous with betrayal. Brutus, Fawkes, Arnold, Quisling…all world-class traitors in their own right, must bow before the height of treachery perpetrated by a disciple whom Jesus called “friend.” We are told “Satan entered Judas.” Did that mean he was possessed? Did he have any choice?  How could one who spent three years […]

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The end is near! (Or is it?)

Eschatology. It’s a very fancy theological word that means “the study of end times.” It’s based on a Greek word eschatos which means “last things.”   In our EPC world (Evangelical Presbyterian Church…our denomination), eschatology is considered a non-essential. In other words, we affirm that faithful, Bible-believing Christians can disagree on these doctrines and not have […]

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Revelation Series

There Is No “S” in Revelation Pastor Mark Toone Sep 12, 1999 Passage: Revelation 1:1-1:3 NotesListen You’ve Got Mail Pastor Mark Toone Sep 19, 1999 Passage: Revelation 1:1-1:20 NotesListen You’ve Got Mail: Overcoming the Blahs Pastor Mark Toone Sept 23, 1999 Passage: Revelation 2:1-7 NotesListen You’ve Got Mail: Overcoming Adversity Pastor Mark Toone Oct 03, 1999 Passage: Revelation 2:8-2:11 […]

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New beginnings at Alpha

Every person’s journey in faith started when another person was bold enough to share theirs. Who was it that helped YOU to discover faith? The Alpha team are such an encouragement to me because every individual is aware of their testimony…being invited to explore faith, invited to participate in Alpha, and invited into becoming a […]

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