Month: March 2021

The Guide

WELCOME TO WORSHIP! We’re glad you’ve joined us today. The Weekly Guide is a resource for those attending Chapel Hill in-person or online worship services. It includes ways to connect, find a LifeGroup or get LifeGroup questions for your small group or family gatherings, get prayer, check in, or give. GIVE ONLINEGiving tithes and offerings […]

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Postal Jesus

“Gentle Jesus, Meek and Mild.” This was a hymn written by Samuel Wesley and it presents a lovely picture of our Savior. And there are certainly moments in Jesus’ life when that gentleness shone through: when he welcomed the children to him, when he protected the adulterous woman, and when he dined with the tax […]

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Elders & Deacons

In Chapel Hill’s denomination, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), there are typically three offices in the church: Ministers of the Word (Teaching Elders, Pastors), Ruling Elders, and Deacons. Elders share authority with the Pastors, representing the mind of Christ as they understand it in the various courts of the church, watch over the spiritual welfare […]

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