Movin’ on up

Movin’ on up

Our son came home after every service this summer with a new Bible verse memorized. They came complete with hand motions, and he was so proud to show them off.

Preschoolers memorize, “A friend loves at all times,” Proverbs 17:17

Do you know any teenagers who similarly want to learn Bible verses with exaggerated hand motions? Me neither! But we had a conundrum in moving to Sundays at 703 Kitsap Street: a small space for babies in arms all the way through fifth grade. 

Something had to change…

So our children’s ministry has leveled up, literally!

They’ve moved from the ground floor to the top floor with 180 degree water view. Our kids have the best rooms in the house!

We loved that one fifth grader walked into the room and pointed across to the Bremerton shipyard: “My dad works there! Like, right. There.” Yes! Our kids are going to be together and learning about Jesus with a 180-degree view of the town that God loves.

New View for Elementary Students

The move is mission critical!

Our kids need to be able to hear and understand that God loves them, that he’s with them, and that they can know God!  Where else will they hear this in the world today? How often is someone telling them the Truth of God’s world: he made it; he loves it; he’s redeeming it; and our passions and talents and frustrations are all coming together to bring about God’s best for this world.

We are participants with our kids in bringing God’s shalom – his peace, his wholeness, his redemption, to our neighborhoods. 

– Pastor Megan Hackman

We realized it was hard to teach a five year old and a fifth grader that message at the same time! We needed more space so that we could allow space in one room for crazy exaggerated hand motions and a simple message like, “A friend loves at all times!” while in a separate space, elementary students are practicing trust falls to learn that they can rely on God because Jesus has come to be their friend.

That takes us back to the water view. The upstairs of 703 Kitsap St. has three rooms, and the two largest are now elementary and preschool rooms. Kids are moving up this week and spreading out so that they can hear about Jesus in the stories, games, conversation, that makes the most sense to them.

Come see the space this week for its inaugural Sunday of upstairs kids’ ministry! 

October 17th at 11am 

This means that we need to double our support, too! Double the room, double the support! Can you offer one weekend per month? Talk with Maddy ( or Kim ( We’re so excited to be a church for our neighbors – whatever their age!

by Pastor Megan Hackman