Month: April 2013

The Lion, the Witch and What Might-Have-Been

Do you remember who died on November 22, 1963, six days following the founding of Chapel Hill Church? Yes, JFK. But early in that same day, C.S. Lewis collapsed and died in the bedroom of his home, “The Kilns” in Oxford, England. At that moment, President Kennedy’s motorcade was just leaving the Dallas Love Field […]

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Training in Neighboring Villages

24 & 25 April We trained teachers from neighboring villages Wednesday and Thursday. Fifteen of the anticipated 47 teachers appeared Wednesday morning. By afternoon we had an additional 3 teachers. Unlike Lusaka, most of the teachers in Eastern Province are male. Four female teachers joined the training. English proficiency was less than Lusaka as well. […]

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Kataji, a Village Outside of Lundazi

Today we drove 30 minutes out of Lundazi to a village, Kataji, where there is a community school and a Strengthening Children group. The leader, Musipasi distinguished himself last summer by grasping the concepts. The children in his group sang, reviewed lessons learned in the group, and put on a play, “Bouncing Back to School.” […]

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It’s Been a Busy Few Days in Zambia

16-19 April During day one of training I met with lay counselors I trained in 2012. Each had led a Strengthening Children group. I heard their perspectives on progress made in the groups and positive outcomes, including those who participated began to demonstrate improved school achievement. Sadly, pre/post data were not collected. I believe data […]

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Thursday in Villa Hortencia

Thursday (Day 7)   – Villa Hortencia (our village)Norma Nordquist posting… Galations 6:10 Therefore as we have the opportunity let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Dear friends, Another glorious day with our Villa Hortencia friends. After trekking up a steep, rocky mountain path, we arrived […]

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Do You Have An Opinion?

Many of you don’t remember this far back. You are new to our church. But seven years ago or so, Chapel Hill went through a mid-life crisis. We had been growing in every way that impresses—worship numbers, membership numbers, financial numbers—but we suddenly discovered that we were disconnected from our congregation. We had become something […]

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