Author: Pastor Mark Toone

The end is near! (Or is it?)

Eschatology. It’s a very fancy theological word that means “the study of end times.” It’s based on a Greek word eschatos which means “last things.”   In our EPC world (Evangelical Presbyterian Church…our denomination), eschatology is considered a non-essential. In other words, we affirm that faithful, Bible-believing Christians can disagree on these doctrines and not have […]

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Happy New Year…and don’t forget…

Happy New Year, my Sweetheart Church! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Things were certainly hopping around here! Our five Christmas Eve services welcomed 3,742 people (which includes almost 230 children) who enjoyed the glorious music, candles, and fellowship. When you include those who tuned in to our livestreamed services on YouTube, we worshipped […]

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Will you share with Daddy?

Our daughter Rachel loved goldfish crackers as a small child. (Who doesn’t? I just bought a Costco carton for myself…about a million goldfish in each one, I believe.) One day as she was munching contentedly on her crackers, I thought I’d test the strength of her generosity muscle.  “Rachel, will you share with Daddy?” Nothing. “Rachel, can […]

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Giving Q&A

1. What is a tithe?A tithe means literally “a tenth.” The tithe was 10 percent of whatever was made or produced; it was the first 10 percent and it always belonged to the Lord. (By the way, Jesus reaffirmed the tithe in his own teaching! Matthew 23:23, for those who say that tithing is Old Testament.) Remember, this was […]

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Focus on our future…honor our legacy 

At our last Presbytery meeting (the regional gathering of EPC churches), we received training on congregational health. There are several qualities that characterize healthy, growing churches. One was this: healthy churches are focused on the future, not on the past.  I understand that. I even agree with it. We can’t live in the past. Our […]

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