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A Father’s Blessing

Several years ago, I taught a series of classes called Men’s Life: Authentic Manhood. Several things surprised me about that experience. First, the incredible turnout! There was a real hunger among men to understand God’s view, not the world’s view, of what a real man is supposed to be.  Here’s another amazing realization: I was […]

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Welcome Our New Student Ministries Director!

I’m thrilled to announce a significant addition to our team that marks a new chapter in our commitment to youth formation and discipleship. We have just hired our new Student Ministries Director, Caleb Bagdanov, who brings a wealth of passion, experience, and dedication to our mission of nurturing the next generation of leaders to be […]

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Always and Forever Love

My household in my teen years was predominantly female. You’d frequently find me and my sister hanging out with mutual girlfriends, wearing one other’s clothes, doing each other’s hair, and watching chick flicks with our mom (always with the all-important Galaxy chocolate bar!). My poor little brother had to put up with a lot! Now […]

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