Month: January 2021

Helping FISH Food Bank End Hunger in the Harbor

We’re committed to doing everything we can to help FISH Food Bank in their mission to end hunger in the Harbor. As a church, we will be donating food, delivering donations, filling volunteer shifts, and meeting any need that FISH brings to us. Most-needed items Volunteer at FISH Donate to FISH We are also accepting […]

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Subversive leadership

“Do you believe Jesus was subversive?” That’s a question I asked my men’s LifeGroup several weeks ago. I think they sensed a trap…so they were a little cautious. But, finally, one said, “Well…yes. I think Jesus WAS subversive. Not of the Romans. But of the religious rulers.” “So,” I asked, “do you think WE are […]

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The disappearing mountain

One of my favorite Chapel Hill memories is of joining the high school kids, year after year, on their home-building mission trips to Tijuana, Mexico. As we approached our campsite each year, we passed a mountain that had been turned into a gravel mine. Heavy equipment on top of the mountain illuminated by spotlights scraped […]

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