Month: June 2022

I wish you could have been there

Twelve of us were gathered last week at Ward EPC Church in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan for our General Assembly, the annual national gathering of our denomination.  In the opening worship service, our own Julie Hawkins preached (magnificently), the first EPC woman pastor to preach to the Assembly in person. Ever. Then our own […]

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What a day!

I’m not sure which was my favorite moment of last Sunday’s 10th-anniversary celebration marking our entry into the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Possibly when Carolyn Small, our last remaining charter member, stood up (surrounded by her family) to receive our acknowledgment. Or Pastor Jeremy Vaccaro’s (naughty) video. Maybe it was when more than half of the […]

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One service…10:00…one service…10:00…one service 10:00…

This Sunday, we will have only one service at 10:00 am. (Did I mention that earlier?) This is one of those Sundays when we want to remember—and celebrate—the fact that we are part of a larger church family. If we typically worship at our classic service, we have brothers and sisters, large and small, that […]

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