Video Series: The Gospel of Luke: Follow Me

Living Life Backwards

On our vacation, Cyndi and I played a lot of golf. But one hole we played was especially memorable. Terrifying, in fact. It was steep and the grass was wet. Cyndi said, “Shouldn’t we stay on the cart path? I said, “Nah…they’d have signs up if it were cart path only.” So, I started straight […]

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Don’t Miss the Mission

This past summer I had the privilege of visiting St Andrews, Scotland, for the first time. Of course, we did the golf thing, getting to walk the Old Course only days after the pros had finished the 150th Open tournament. But we were really there to experience first-hand the location where our Presbyterian tradition was […]

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St. Andrews Sunday 2022

St. Andrews Sunday is a uniquely Chapel Hill tradition in which we celebrate our Scottish, Presbyterian, and Reformed heritage, and also remember those from our church family who have passed away, and on whose shoulders we stand. Enjoy all the music, prayers, and the time of remembrance as you watch this full service held Sunday, […]

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Jesus’ Power and Authority

During the closing song at last week’s 10:30 service, a woman in our congregation received a text message that said, “Your husband has placed an emergency call. He is currently located at the below location.” And it displayed a map of the church building. She was sitting by herself, without her husband, so she immediately […]

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Unexpected Jesus

“Expect the expected.” That was what Seattle Mariners’ manager Scott Servais said earlier this week when asked about this weekend’s wildcard playoff game between the Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays. And yesterday afternoon when l checked the score at the top of the 6th to see that the Mariners were down by 7 runs, […]

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Conquering the Splitter

A few days ago, I was dead asleep when my alarm went off. I almost always wake up before the alarm…and it was really loud…so I rolled over quickly to turn it off. What I didn’t realize was how close I was to the edge of the bed. I rolled right out of the bed…and […]

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Finding Your Voice

Good morning, my Sweetheart Church! I’m Pastor Mark Toone and it is great to welcome you to the kickoff of another program year at Chapel Hill. I saw a lot of cheek-kissing going on in the foyer this morning so I assume you must have been here last week to hear Pastor Ellis’ sermon on […]

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