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These are Chapel Hill Church’s core beliefs on healing. God is sovereign. He heals his people by whatever means and in whatever time he chooses. (Mt. 8:1-3; Mk. 1:40-42) God alone is the source of all restoration and healing. Spiritual reality encapsulates every aspect of human life, affecting mind, body and soul. (Job, esp. chapter […]

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Yearning for the one who heals

You would think, on the face of it, that a sermon series on healing might be met with a collective shrug. We live in an age where mortality rates are plummeting lower and lower and life expectancy climbs higher and higher as medicine advances. And those medical advances can be astounding, verging on the miraculous. […]

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The power of persistent prayer

In our journey through the Gospel of Mark, we’ve become familiar with a certain adverb: immediately. The word is used about 40 times in the shortest gospel. There is a sense of urgency and action as we watch Jesus and his disciples move throughout the region. Immediately they went here, immediately they went there, immediately […]

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What God says about mental illness

What is mental health? Where does mental illness even come from? What are Christians supposed to do about it?  If you’re a Christian living in the United States, you can’t help but ask these questions. Around 47 million Americans suffer from some kind of mental illness—that’s one out of every five people. These are real people who are struggling with real […]

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