Worship is weird!

Worship is weird!

There’s something a little weird about worship.

Now, for those of us raised in the church, it is almost second nature. Worship is what you do on Sunday; church is where you go. I remember the purple hymnals, the mimeographed bulletins with runny print, an unmistakable aroma—and always a few typos. I remember purple velvet ropes that forced us toward the front, the taste of purple Welch’s grape juice at communion—(I always searched for the fullest cup in the plate!) And of course the choir, robes, the too-long sermon. I grew up with this stuff. It is what the Toones family did on Sunday mornings.

But when you pause to think about it, what we Christians do on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings is a little weird. And if you DIDN’T grow up going to church, it is particularly weird. What IS “worship” anyhow? And why do you call it a worship “service?” Why the robes and the odd music that we never listen to any other time of the week? And why do we spend 25 minutes (or more) listening to some guy talk to us about some small section of some old book? And then, we close our eyes while that same guy (or gal) talks out loud to someone that they apparently think is listening—but no one can see. And at the end of it all, we raise our hands like someone’s got a gun on us until that up-front person waves his hand at us—and sets us free.

See what I mean? To the absolute newcomer, a lot of what we do when we come together for what we call “worship”—is just weird.

This weekend, I want to explore that with you. I want all of us to rethink our own assumptions about worship. And for a high point, we are going to have an epic musical experience like you’ve never, ever heard before. I promise. I don’t make too many worship promises—but you are NOT going to want to miss this!

So, please come. And please—will you do what we as a church are still learning better how to do—would you think of a friend who might benefit from this conversation? Bring them along. If you come on Saturday night, it will mean free hot dogs and ice cream for you. And then there’s that epic musical event I’m promising.

Worship is weird. Wonderfully, wonderfully weird. Join me this weekend as we talk about that. And bring—a—friend!

Pastor Mark

P.S.—I’m serious about this weekend. You really don’t want to miss this musical experience! Expect the unexpected!