Haiti Worship Night

Haiti Worship Night

Friday evening, April 28

After taking a red-eye flight, we arrived in Port-au-Prince on Friday afternoon greeted by torrential rains, but they lightened up by the time we reached the guest house.

After settling in and having a light dinner, we went to a “Night Watch” prayer and worship service at Joseph’s church (he is the World Relief Haiti Director). Arriving about 8:20pm, people were starting to wander in, some with blankets and pillows. This service goes until about 2am every Friday evening. We stayed until about 10pm.

I was in awe of the passion and love for the LORD that these worshippers demonstrated. Although we didn’t know the words, we could feel the meaning. There was a hunger for God’s word and His presence in their lives. One team member described this as a “red bull” worship and prayer time. We each sang our own lyrics to the songs and raised our hands in praise. The worshippers are so rich in their passion for the LORD, and I was wishing I had more of that passion. But in the midst of this, I was affirmed that we all worship in the ways that God has created us for, and He loves us just as we are.  He loves when we give Him the credit and rely on Him in good and hard times.


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