Let’s make it an adventure!

Let’s make it an adventure!

One of the most interesting sites in Rome actually lies UNDER Rome. 90 miles of catacombs were carved in ancient times as burial sites. But these underground cemeteries were transformed into churches when persecuted Christians began to worship in them during the first and second century. It was certainly not as convenient as an above-ground building but external circumstances forced them to be creative. Turns out, no matter what happens, Christians find a way to worship. It’s part of what defines us!

With the Governor’s decision to ban large gatherings in order to halt the spread of Covid-19, we at Chapel Hill have the wonderful exciting opportunity to “do church” in a different way. And I hope we embrace this as a grand adventure. It will require creativity, innovation, teamwork and real flexibility. But just like the early Roman Christians, we are going to find a way to worship!

This weekend, we are going to worship solely as an online community. Our weekend worship service will premiere on YouTube at 10:00 am Sunday, March 15. We will also send out a link on Sunday morning or you can BOOKMARK OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL HERE.

I would like to encourage you to tune in on your laptop, computer, smart TV, smartphone, or tablet at 10:00 am as if you were attending in person at 7700 Skansie. Share the link with friends and extended family members. Consider inviting your neighbors and close friends over to watch together. Maybe you want to invite your LifeGroup. Or watch the service later with your LifeGroup if you already meet at another time and that would be more convenient for you.

In the YouTube description, we’ll have a special link where you can fill out an online welcome card to let us know you watched, share prayer requests, or tell us you want to take next steps like deepen your faith, join a home gathering in the future as we continue to develop lists of groups, or anything else. And we’ll even have a link for you to give online. (By the way, if you don’t care to give online, you can always mail your check to 7700 Skansie Ave, Gig Harbor, WA 98335, or drop off your tithe/offering to the church office during regular business hours Monday through Thursday). Finally, there will be some discussion questions in the description so you can talk about the scripture and message with your LifeGroup or family members.

I’m reading a book right now called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by Pastor John Mark Comer. In it, Comer speaks of his discovery of Sabbath—a discovery that he believed saved his ministry, and maybe his life. He speaks with obvious joy of the peace he has experienced by obeying God’s command to rest and rediscovering the joy of a simpler life that is too often overwhelmed by our high-pace, high-tech world. 

I choose to view this season as an enforced Sabbath. I’m not sure what God intends to do through this, but I believe that Chapel Hill will come together as it always does, and discover a Christian community that is deeper and richer than perhaps we have ever known.

Attitude is everything! Memorize Philippians 4:4 ff. Choose to focus on the good things, the many blessings of God. Speak only encouraging words. Practice being good neighbors as you care for and connect with each other. Find in this season of enforced quiet a new peace in your life. Let’s make the most of it!

As Pastor Larry said in his email this week, we also want to make prayer a major part of our response. We’ll open the Prayer Chapel Mondays through Thursdays from 9:00-10:00 am. One of our pastors, staff, or other Chapel Hill leaders will help guide that time. I want to strongly invite you to make this a weekly or even daily habit!

We will stay in touch with you about other opportunities going forward. But I know that my Sweetheart Church will rise to this moment as you have so many times before. 

God’s blessings and peace be upon you!

Pastor Mark