Elders & Deacons

Elders & Deacons

In Chapel Hill’s denomination, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), there are typically three offices in the church: Ministers of the Word (Teaching Elders, Pastors), Ruling Elders, and Deacons.

Elders share authority with the Pastors, representing the mind of Christ as they understand it in the various courts of the church, watch over the spiritual welfare of the people, and may be appointed to participate in Presbytery or General Assembly because the EPC is a connectional church. Collectively, the Ruling Elders are called the Session.

The office of Deacons, under the authority of the Session, is one of compassion, concern for needs, serving others, and is marked by sympathy and service. Duties include care, maintenance, and preparation of the church and its facilities. You can serve alongside the Chapel Hill Deacons. Learn more:

Serena Blair, Vice-Chair
Stephanie Bowlds
Bart Brynestad
Gregg Colbo
Mandy Cuda
Tom Gray
Scott Griffin
Spencer Hutchins
Tom Lerch, Chair
Steve Maxwell
Kristen Tayet
Rev. Mark Toone, Moderator of the Session
Sue Unterbrink, Clerk of the Session
Rev. Ellis White

Eileen Barnes, Clerk of the Board of Deacons
Carolyn Cleair
Marvin Cleair
Mary Colgate
Curtis Fries
Rev. Julie Hawkins, Moderator of the Board of Deacons
Denise Parrish
Sharon Russell, Chair of the Board of Deacons
Susie Seaton
Carolyn Shain
Tanner Stepp