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Behind These Walls: 2018 Thailand Go Team Returns

Our trip comes to a close tomorrow. Within a few hours a Boeing wide-body will rocket us down the runway. Landing gear will retract, click into place, and Bangkok will dissolve into the humid cloud deck. As Eva Air brings us home, I wonder what images we’ll replay as we close our eyes. I think […]

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The Thailand Journey Continues

We arrived in Thailand on Friday, and we were still on our way to Laytongku on Sunday. It’s one of the interesting things about partnering with ministries in remote locations. Sometimes the journey feels just as long as our time in the destination. This is very true of our partnership with the village of Laytongku […]

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Thailand Team Is Set To Go!

The team is set to leave early Wednesday, February 3rd. Team members include (from left to right):  Lori White, Margie Dickerson, Kathryn McIver, Nikki Davidson, Dawn Muench, Tan Jenkins, Noel Jenkins.  Not pictured:  Desiree Jordan, Laurie Dawson. Just a reminder to be praying for our Thailand Go Team Prison Ministry team as they head to […]

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