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Invisible Faces

“Celebrate Recovery? That’s for folks with alcohol and drug issues, right?” As I serve here at Chapel Hill I’m amazed how often I hear that misconception from brothers and sisters; one that bears only faint resemblance to reality. While true—at least partially—far fewer than half the men and women who walk through the swinging chapel […]

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Reflections from the Summit

Hello Chapel Hill! I’ve just come back from the Celebrate Recovery Summit of Faith: Going for Great at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA! Imagine 3,000 brothers and sisters in Christ, 21 people from Gig Harbor, celebrating the positive changes God has made in their lives. We worship, have wonderful training and teaching time, and […]

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Behind These Walls: 2018 Thailand Go Team Returns

Our trip comes to a close tomorrow. Within a few hours a Boeing wide-body will rocket us down the runway. Landing gear will retract, click into place, and Bangkok will dissolve into the humid cloud deck. As Eva Air brings us home, I wonder what images we’ll replay as we close our eyes. I think […]

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