Invisible Faces

Invisible Faces

“Celebrate Recovery? That’s for folks with alcohol and drug issues, right?”

As I serve here at Chapel Hill I’m amazed how often I hear that misconception from brothers and sisters; one that bears only faint resemblance to reality. While true—at least partially—far fewer than half the men and women who walk through the swinging chapel doors on Wednesday night fit that profile. So who are the others?

She’s a 40-something medical professional who was sexually abused as a child, and she can’t seem to get past those awful memories. He’s a successful executive in his 50s who endured a vitriolic relationship with his dad and now, decades later, struggles with anger and resentment. And then there’s the twenty-something college senior fighting an eating disorder. These faces represent the majority who attend Celebrate Recovery, but they’re invisible to an eye that views them through a predetermined lens.

Visit Celebrate Recovery on any given night and you’ll find housewives, students, doctors, roofers, business executives, firefighters, small business owners, cops, nurses, and teachers. What’s their thread of commonality? They’re waging war with something they’ve come to realize is bigger than they are. They’ve realized—or are in the process of realizing—that hope and healing is found in Jesus Christ. That he alone is the answer.

Celebrate Recovery is not simply for those who struggle with addictive or compulsive behaviors. It’s for anyone struggling with any type of life wound. When it’s difficult to be transparent with friends and family—especially your Christian family—Celebrate Recovery offers shelter and support as you fight your battle, be it with depression, fear, co-dependency, or whatever other deeply personal conflict you face. Whatever mountain looms in your path, Celebrate Recovery will help you face it.

If this resonates—if this sounds like you—come join us. You’ll find love, support and understanding. And in this healing process you’ll discover a “forever family” to walk through life’s struggles with you!

Aaron Espy

Chapel Hill member Aaron Espy is a part of Chapel Hill’s Celebrate Recovery leadership and is currently attending seminary at Western Seminary in Oregon with an emphasis on first responders chaplaincy.