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Does This Happen Often?

“Does this kind of thing happen often in Port Orchard?” asked Rosemary, incredulous. “Well, it certainly seems to happen more when I fast and pray,” I responded.

I met a young mom and her daughter in a restaurant in the 3 minutes it took Rosemary to pay the bill. Ten days later a text from her read… […]

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Beyond these walls, like we never imagined!

You may not believe it but someday, this COVID stuff will be behind us! It will become part of our lore and, predictably, we will bore our grandchildren to death with stories of how we lived through the Great Quarantine.  There is a lot about COVID that is, obviously, very irritating. I’ll confess, I had […]

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This weekend I will be preaching on the topic of encouragement. Did you know that encouragement is a spiritual gift? It is also called “exhortation.” But “encouragement” is less inscrutable! And even if you don’t have to have the spiritual gift of encouragement, you can hone that skill. All you need do is practice! I […]

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For our kids

Tan Jenkins’ memorial service on January 4 was one of the largest we have ever hosted. We don’t often have to ask folks at a funeral to scoot in; we did with Tan’s. In part, this was because of the remarkable, courageous, radiant person Tan was. Her unconquerable smile and unquenchable joy, regardless of her […]

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Dog with a bone

We raised German Shepherd puppies on our little three-acre alfalfa farm in Yakima. My grandpa was a butcher and he used to bring bones for them. If you’ve ever watched a German Shepherd gnawing on a cow’s knee joint, you understand the saying, “Like a dog with a bone.” They will work and gnaw and […]

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