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Does This Happen Often?

“Does this kind of thing happen often in Port Orchard?” asked Rosemary, incredulous. “Well, it certainly seems to happen more when I fast and pray,” I responded.

I met a young mom and her daughter in a restaurant in the 3 minutes it took Rosemary to pay the bill. Ten days later a text from her read… […]

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Beyond these walls, like we never imagined!

You may not believe it but someday, this COVID stuff will be behind us! It will become part of our lore and, predictably, we will bore our grandchildren to death with stories of how we lived through the Great Quarantine.  There is a lot about COVID that is, obviously, very irritating. I’ll confess, I had […]

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A sabbatical announcement

My dear Chapel Hill family:‚Ä®‚Ä® I have often been asked by pastoral colleagues how it was possible for me to have remained in one church for more than 30 years. Of course, my first response is always, “They are a Sweetheart Church.” A close second is, “Have you ever BEEN to Gig Harbor?”  But here’s […]

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Old news—new news—and Seahawk news

Last weekend we launched a sermon series on Nehemiah called For the City. (What a blast it was!) We are spending the next few weeks asking, “What would it look like for the people of Chapel Hill to REALLY be for the city? To not just live here; but to champion the place in which […]

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What does it mean to be “for the city”?

I’ve got to tell you, there are few things more encouraging (or slightly suffocating) than receiving a bear hug from a joyful big guy who has been baptized! We just celebrated Baptism Weekend and I had the privilege of introducing eight new folks into God’s family through baptism. And some of them were “surprises”; only […]

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