What does it mean to be “for the city”?

What does it mean to be “for the city”?

I’ve got to tell you, there are few things more encouraging (or slightly suffocating) than receiving a bear hug from a joyful big guy who has been baptized! We just celebrated Baptism Weekend and I had the privilege of introducing eight new folks into God’s family through baptism. And some of them were “surprises”; only the Lord knew that they would be baptized that morning. One such BIG surprise was a guy named Jason who had no idea he would be baptized that day! Aren’t you grateful that the Lord is growing his family through us? 

This weekend we launch our new year with a sermon series called “For the City” based upon one of my favorite books in the Bible: Nehemiah. Too often, we evangelical Christians are known only for what we are against. This series will be a chance for us to declare what…or who…we are for! We are FOR our city. Gig Harbor. Port Orchard. We are FOR the people who live in the houses around us. We are FOR those who don’t feel like ANYONE is on their side. We are for them. And Nehemiah will teach us how to do something about it. 

You won’t want to miss this kickoff! After each service we will have food, special music (you are going to LOVE this guest artist!) and…wait for it…a PETTING ZOO. A reptile petting zoo with iguanas and various species of snakes. (Just kidding. It will be nice, cute, fuzzy petting zoo.)

It really will be a wonderful and fun launch to our program year. Perfect for that neighbor or friend of yours who could really use the good news that someone is FOR them! See you this weekend…and bring that friend along!

Pastor Mark Toone
Senior Pastor

P.S. – Two of our three EPC churches in the Bahamas have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian. In one case, the pastor’s home was destroyed and the church severely damaged. I invite you to share in the relief effort through our denomination. Make a gift HERE…and please pray!  To give, go to “Fund” at the bottom of the web page and select “Missions – Hurricane Relief” (the last selection on the drop-down menu).