Contact Patti Edge at 253.853.0283

Join the team!

  • Wednesday nights are Chapel Hill's primary way of paving the way for discipleship on campus during the week. Alpha, Celebrate Recovery, and Extreme (Middle School Ministries), all take place Wednesday nights and all include meals. Volunteers are needed to help provide and serve meals for dozens of people on Wednesdays and you can be a vital part of this ministry as you make friends and hone your own cooking skills under the direction of Culinary Coordinator Patti Edge!
  • Teams will be formed (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month) so that volunteers serve once a month with the same group so that community and friendships can be formed while serving.  Two teams will formed: 1. prep, cook and serve food  and 2. kitchen and dishes clean-up.
  • Team: Prepare and Serve Meals - prep food (chopping, mixing, cooking) and have it ready for service for dinner which starts at 6pm.   Depending on the particular meal, volunteers on this team may be asked to serve from 1:00 - 6:00 pm.
  • Team: Food and Kitchen Cleanup - Put away any unused food.  Using the commercial dish washer, clean pots and pans, dishes and utensils.  Wipe down kitchen surfaces and sinks.  Turn off all equipment.  This team would generally serve from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  
  • Even if you can't commit to a team on a regular basis, on-call volunteers are also needed.
  • All volunteers dine on the meal also.
  • Volunteers are required to obtain a Food Handlers Card ($10 for a card that is good for two years). Get details HERE
  • LEARN MORE HERE if you are interested in being part of this ministry.

Sunday Hospitality

Contact Carole Hughes at 253.853.0274

  • Outside greeters
  • Door greeters
  • Connect Center
  • Welcome Center
  • Newcomers coffee
  • Hospitality Partners
  • Make cards for first time visitors
  • Ushers


Contact Desiree Jordan at 253.853.0239


Contact Tina Picard at 253.853.0216


    • Nursery or early childhood caregivers, contact Kim Hagey at 253.853.0219
    • Elementary Sunday School teachers or helpers, contact Karen Rodenbucher at 253.853.0223


Contact Judson Taylor at 253.853.0228 or Rebekah Euland at 253.853.0278.

  • Help with the production of the Sunday bulletin (proofread, print, fold, insert, etc.). 
  • Join the Pew Crew: help restock the pews; alternate with a teammate every other week.
  • Help shoot and edit videos and take photos.


Contact Barb Wentlandt at 253.853.0231

  • Security team
  • Medical team
  • Landscaping
  • Building Maintenance
  • Food Services

  Middle School

Contact Ryan Palmer at 253.853.0217

  • Adult leaders for Sunday morning or Wednesday evening
  • D-Group Leaders

  High School

Contact Ryan Palmer at 253.853.0217

  • Adult leaders (Sunday evenings)
  • D Group Leaders

  Teen Renewal

         Contact Inga Fouquette at 253.851.7779

  • Small group leaders
  • Testimony talks
  • Hospitality


        Contact Dawn Weaver at 253.851.7779

  • "Open Doors" volunteers (help with a variety of projects as needed)