Seeing the Face of Jesus

Seeing the Face of Jesus

The Team is experiencing the mighty hand of God each day.

Our highlights of the day began with working alongside Felipe in his field of cabbages. The team piled into the pick-up trucks to reach the entrance to the field which to our amazement was about a 100 foot drop below the road. A gingerly scamper down the hill brought us to the most gorgeous cabbage patch Peter Rabbit could imagine. The cabbages were at least the size of a basketball. Using a machete Felipe and Damian (Agros employee) cut the cabbages. The team cut some also but with less skill. 10 cabbages per mesh bag were then hauled up the hill to the trucks. In various configurations we gringos managed to carry some bags up the hill. Each bag weighed at least 75 pounds. With happy hearts and tired arms and legs we had a load of 80 cabbages ready for market.

Gabor, Loire and Gail in the meantime taught a lesson in dental health to the classrooms of students, passed out toothbrushes and sang a toothbrush song. Good times for our morning.

The afternoon was a huge success in feeding the 5000. We served cookies and hot chocolate as a celebration time to all the people. We had purchased 788 cookies from a bakery (a fun story to follow) and all the cookies were passed out, one to each person. The grassy area looked like a church picnic afternoon. The hot chocolate was prepared over an open fire using huge cooking pots, water, and12 lbs. of chocolate bars. Marshmallows topped off the cup of chocolate. We saw the face of Jesus as we sat with the groups of people, played hand games with the kids, and held babies.

Our fantastic day was topped off with a U.S. vs VH-1 soccer match. Our team of Steve, Lynn, Austin, Rachel, and Phil made an awesome last second play…an American football play that puzzled the VH-1soccer team to score our only point!  We still lost to a very competitive team.

Thank you Jesus for the phenomenal day. All team members are healthy. Our devotion for the day focused on Praise. We did that all day long.