New beginnings at Alpha

New beginnings at Alpha

Every person’s journey in faith started when another person was bold enough to share theirs. Who was it that helped YOU to discover faith? The Alpha team are such an encouragement to me because every individual is aware of their testimony…being invited to explore faith, invited to participate in Alpha, and invited into becoming a person who shares their hope in Jesus with others. It’s their story of being invited that motivates them to overcome their fears in inviting others. I encourage you to ask them to share their story with you! Like many of them, the opportunity to share faith with others has deeply transformed my relationship with Jesus. Being filled with Holy Spirit boldness has transformed me, not in my own strength but his, to grow from shy and timid to courageous and excited to share Jesus with others. It’s my prayer for you this new year, that you too, would discover the joy and thrill of bringing his good news to those in your life who are ready for a fresh start.

Alpha is Greek for beginning. Alpha is a place for new beginnings. Second chances. Renewal. Revival. It’s a place where the explorer finds faith, the doubter finds peace, and the wrestler finds hope. It’s a place for community, for joy, for a fresh start. As we begin Winter Alpha in just a couple of weeks I wonder, do you know anyone in your life who would value an opportunity to have open conversation about their questions and a group of people who will love and accept them just as they are? Would YOU value an opportunity to lean into the Lord like never before, to step out in faith and courage and trust the Holy Spirit to use you to reach others with the gospel? If so, can I encourage you to prayerfully invite friends to join you at Alpha? There’s always room for one more. Bringing someone to explore faith with you at Alpha is the journey of a lifetime and I can’t wait for you to experience the thrill of this adventure!

Every time I invite someone to Alpha I feel nervous. I wonder if I will be rejected, if our relationship can handle the question, if our relationship will survive the invitation. Over the years I’ve received many nos. But I’ve also learnt that I grow closer to the Lord when I’m obedient to his voice prompting me to ask regardless of the answer, and that oftentimes I will be surprised and delighted at how God has already been at work in that person’s life. Sometimes those nos become yesses over time when circumstances change, sometimes they lead to deeper more meaningful spiritual conversations even when that person isn’t ready for Alpha and sometimes I just need to trust I did my part to cooperate with the Holy Spirit’s work in that person’s life even when I can’t see any fruit just yet.

I wonder, would you consider being part of someone else’s new beginning this new year? You don’t need to know all the answers, you just need to invite someone to come try it one time with you. Invite someone to Alpha by sharing this website: Attend with them and support and encourage them on their journey. In my experience the Lord will use the experience in your life too, in incredible ways! Alpha starts Wednesday, January 24 at 6:30 pm at Chapel Hill. Find out more and register here.

Got questions or interested in serving on the Alpha team? Contact me here.

Pastor Rachel