Senior Pastor Search

Senior Pastor Search

Latest update as of Sunday, April 21, 2024

In case you weren’t able to be in today’s worship services, we want to provide an important update from the Pastor Search Committee.

Since November 5, our committee has engaged with 47 pastoral candidates, discussing our church’s essence, values, and mission. Eight candidates submitted detailed Personal Information Forms and shared sermons for our review. After thorough evaluation, we narrowed down to two exceptional finalists and conducted panel interviews.

While both candidates were impressive, one stood out as uniquely called and prepared by God for the role of Chapel Hill’s next Senior Pastor: Ellis White.

Next steps involve the Session calling a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, May 5, for members to vote on our recommendation. Following that, Pastor Ellis would be presented to the Presbytery on May 10-11 for their approval. Pending both approvals, Pastor Ellis would be installed on Sunday, September 1, which is also Pastor Mark’s last day. Pastor Ellis would officially start the following day, September 2.

Thank you for your support and prayers throughout this process. We deeply appreciate your ongoing prayers as we move forward.


Mark Toone, our senior pastor, announced on Sunday, October 29, 2023, that he plans to retire after decades of faithful service at Chapel Hill Church. His final Sunday in the pulpit will be September 1, 2024, which is also his last day as Senior Pastor. We are grateful for Pastor Mark’s leadership and ministry and in the coming months we will have opportunities to celebrate and thank Mark and Cyndi for all they mean to us.

Throughout the pastoral transition process, Chapel Hill Church continues to concentrate on its mission to exalt Jesus, elevate others, and launch disciple-makers.

Watch Pastor Mark Toone’s retirement announcement from his sermon on St Andrews Sunday, October 29, 2023.

Helpful Forms

The Senior Pastor Search Committee encourages you to read the following documents: the Job Description (to understand the primary duties, knowledge and experience, and competencies for the next Senior Pastor); the Church Information Form (the committee’s summation of our congregation’s history, challenges, and goals); and a blank copy of the Personal Information Form (which our denomination asks pastoral candidates to submit as a way of introducing themselves to the Senior Pastor Search Committee). These three documents may well answer many questions you have about the search process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of your questions. You can expect the Senior Pastor Search Committee to respond to other questions you might have in due course. Email them your questions at

What Can You Do?

  • Pray for this process and for the members of the Senior Pastor Search Committee.
  • Pray for Chapel Hill’s ongoing, unchanging mission to exalt Jesus, elevate others, and launch disciple-makers, as well as our vision to care for our community, share the gospel with others, and prepare the next generation of disciples to follow Jesus.
  • The Senior Pastor Search Committee wants to hear from you! Email your questions to

The Latest News

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