Join the journey of service

Join the journey of service

Last Tuesday at the State of the Church Town Hall, about 230 attendees celebrated some of the incredible ways that the Lord has been at work at Chapel Hill in the last year. I say “some of” because it is a pleasant challenge to try and name all the ways we see God at work in our walls and beyond our walls. It’s a reminder that this is the Lord’s work, because there is no way that it could be done on our own. As I reflected on the myriad of kingdom building programs, events, and milestones, I was reminded of the many things that happen here that are under the radar or behind the scenes. We have a lot of unsung heroes at Chapel Hill.  

One of those groups is our Deacon board. The Chapel Hill Deacons are ordained to ministry in the church. From the days of the early church, Deacons were called to acts of service to the church. At Chapel Hill, that calling continues and our Deacons lead our church in service, inviting us to serve the body of Christ alongside them. Just like there is a lot happening at the church, there is a lot happening with our Deacons. And there are a lot of opportunities for you to serve with the Deacons or utilize the resources they offer in their services. Let me share those with you:  

  • The Work Crew Deacons ministry at Chapel Hill Church provides Chapel Hill members and attenders with labor for home and yard needs. Their services encompass a range of minor handy-helper tasks for the home, like rotating mattresses, moving furniture, changing filters, basic yard work, and more. Recipients of this assistance are not limited to widows or widowers but include any who face difficulties need support. You can be involved by volunteering to serve with this group. Or if you have an area of need, you can contact the team lead to learn more.   
  • The Deacons’ Prayer Ministry organizes regular prayer meetings, maintains a prayer list, hosts prayer retreats and events, shares prayer requests during services, and develops prayer resources. They also offer prayer support for pastors, staff, and leaders. You can join this team in weekly prayer on Tuesday nights at 6:00 pm in the Prayer Chapel. And you can always request prayer at Chapel Hill and know that the Deacons are praying for you!  
  • The Visitation ministry provides support through hospital and homebound visitation, as well as visiting widows and widowers in their first year of grief. They offer a listening ear, share scripture and other helps as needed. If you need someone to visit you, or have someone you know who needs visitation, please contact this team.  
  • The Memorials ministry serves with graciousness and hospitality, exemplifying Christ’s love to those who are navigating the loss of a loved one. Working together, they greet guests, set up the reception, and serve food and drinks. A most valuable part of our team are the cookie bakers who bake all the delicious cookies we serve. Following the event, the ministry team cleans up. Do you love baking cookies? It is a sweet ministry to serve home baked treats to people attending memorials at Chapel Hill.  
  • The Benevolence ministry aims to provide temporary relief to those in need and help them move towards living in right relationship with God, self, others, and creation. The team also offers a Faith and Finance class twice a year to help people achieve financial freedom with the help of facilitators and an ally. The benevolence ministry at Chapel Hill is funded through designated giving to the Deacon fund to directly meet the needs of individuals in our community. This team is looking for people to serve in the Benevolence office and to work with people experiencing financial hardship as allies. We provide training. It’s an incredible ministry where we see the Lord at work every day. You can support this work through above-and-beyond designated giving.  

Remember when I said that there is a lot going on at Chapel Hill? There is a lot happening with our Deacon board. All this ministry…in fact, all ministry at Chapel Hill…needs two necessary ingredients: the power of the Holy Spirit and empowered servant leaders. None of the work that happens here happens without you! Through your giving, serving, and praying, you are a part of this! And you are invited to be a part of what the Deacons are doing to serve the local church.  

Our Deacons will be at the wood wall in the lobby with me tomorrow, Sunday, August 13. Please stop by and find out how you can be a part of the Lord’s work through the Deacon board.  

Pastor Julie