Insufferable grandparents

Insufferable grandparents

We grandparents can be insufferable, I know. Just give us an opening…just push the door open a crack…and we will dash through it with stories of how brilliant, how beautiful, how extraordinary our grandchildren are…replete with a terabyte worth of cell phone photos and videos to make our case. I might be the worst, I don’t know. But I can certainly think of others of my generation who will brag on their grandchildren at the drop of hat, fly across the country at a moment’s notice, or ignore an important phone call from their pastor because his grandchild is asleep on his chest, and he wouldn’t answer the call if it were Gabriel himself. 

We grandparents are “evangelists” for our grandchildren. The word “evangel” means “good news.” And grandparents are unashamed, unabashed, unstoppable bearers of the good news of our grandchildren…whether you like it or not. 

This is why Christmas is so brilliant. Who can be threatened by a baby? Who can be offended by the enthusiastic and contagious delight that babies…especially OUR babies…generate within us? When God, in his brilliance, comes to us as a baby…it softens all but the hardest of hearts. Our defenses drop. Our “cockles” are warmed. And we find ourselves receptive to an idea that we might reject or fear otherwise…the idea that God wants to have a relationship with me. 

Since September we have been talking about “For the One,” an initiative in which we are asking EVERY person in this church to pray for, serve and develop a relationship with ONE unchurched person…with a hope that ultimately, we might screw up our courage and invite them to some church activity. Just one. 

Well…it will never be easier than Advent. Never. The heart-cockles are already warmed, they are as receptive as they are ever going to be, and the invitation could not be less threatening.  

How about inviting them to GLOW on Friday, December 9, at 6:30 pm? If you’ve never been, it is almost impossible to describe. But it is one of the most fun, light-filled, life-filled, non-threatening and inspiring events we do around here. Kids will love it. So will grandkids…and the parents and grandparents that bring them along.  

Or how about Christmas Eve services? We have a bunch to choose from. On Friday, December 23, we have one service at 6:30 pm and on Saturday, December 24, we have four: at 3:00, 4:30, 7:30, and 9:00 pm. See details here. Who knows, maybe this will be the year your friend says “yes.” OR…that they have their own, life-changing encounter with Jesus. 

If you are a grandparent…or a proud parent…you already know what it means to be an evangelist. Now…draw on that emotional muscle-memory to introduce your friends to ANOTHER baby. This one could change their life! 

Pastor Mark