For the One

For the One

Our goal…our hope…is modest and attainable: that EVERY single believer who calls Chapel Hill Church “home” will devote themselves to praying for, being present with, and presenting a personal invitation to ONE unbelieving friend. JUST ONE. Are you willing to join in that journey? In that discipline? Of thinking beyond ourselves, our interests, our blessings…and resonating with the heart of Jesus…to seek ONE other person?

Jesus explained God’s love like this…leaving 99 safe sheep to go out for the one in the wilderness. We know this love! Our Father knows us, notices when we are lost, and relentlessly watches over us. When we admit our need for rescue, he does not shame us…he rejoices!  

What if we risked loving people in our lives like this? 
In the solidarity of the Holy Spirit, we want to take the risk together. Who has God placed in your life that doesn’t consider “church” a place where they belong? How can you live with and for that one? 

Prayer. Presence. Personal invitation. Our genuine friendships are the place for us to notice, to love, and to share our own Jesus story. We can trust God with people’s souls (he’s the only one who knows who is lost!) as we pray for them, stay present in their lives, and invite them into a safe, grace-filled Christian community. 


We have developed a 30-day guide that takes us through four movements of prayer, guided by scripture, to prepare our hearts and to move in the hearts of our friends. He knows them by name! 

Holy Spirit, I trust you…  Jesus, let me love like you…  
Father, forgive…  Send me, Lord… 

Dedicate a time each day. Try reading the verse multiple times slowly. Ask God what he wants you to hear. Write your friend’s name. Use the journal to consider their needs and yours. As you notice specific ways they may need care, Chapel Hill has practical resources to support the community here.

Associate Pastor Ellis White talks about the necessary elements to be “for the one”.

When we had our all-church vision night to share details about the For the One campaign, some of you told us that sharing the Gospel with other people can be difficult. There are lots of barriers to sharing faith with others. In this video, Pastor Gunnar Tesdahl and Digital Outreach Director Jenna Arnold talk about overcoming some of those barriers to witnessing and how to overcome them. If you find this video helpful, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, tap the bell, and make sure you have YouTube notifications turned on so you’ll know whenever we upload a new video.