You’ve got this!

You’ve got this!

It was a communion Sunday. People were coming forward to receive the sacrament. I noticed one man in the line who surprised me. Because as far as I knew, he was not a Christian. He’d come to our membership class. He had been reading the Bible. But he was still an explorer. Or so I thought.

He got up to me in the line and said, “OK. I’m ready.”

“Ready for what?” I asked.

“I’m ready to become a Christian. I want to take communion and I know I need to be a Christian first. So—I’m ready.”

It was one of the coolest communion services ever for me. I prayed with this man right there in line…and then he received his first communion—as a brand-new believer in Jesus.

That really happened to me. So…what if that really happened to you? What if a long-time friend came over for coffee and, between sips, said, “I know you are a Christian. I’ve long admired how you live your live. I think I’m convinced. Tell me—where do I sign up?”

What would you do? If you had someone who was ready to commit to Christ, would you be able to help them make those final few steps?

If you aren’t sure—if you’d have to admit that you’ve never helped anyone make such a commitment—well, you’re in good company. Most Christians—90 percent according to some polls—never share their faith. And only 2 percent are actively involved in evangelism.

But often, it’s not because we don’t love Jesus. Or think that following him is a good thing. Or worth sharing. It’s just that we don’t…quite…know…how…to…do it.

Well, have I got a surprise for you. On Wednesday nights, August 17, 24 and 31, from 6:30-8:30 pm in the Gathering Place, Pastor Rachel will be helping us take a fresh look at evangelism. No background reading, no particular giftings required. A chance to find some community, get inspired and gear up for the fall…with some practical “how-to” tools for sharing faith.

You may never have someone walk up and say, “I’m ready.” But if they do…will YOU be ready? Register here.

Sunday, I continue with our One Another series. It’ll be a touchy one. You won’t want to miss it.

Pastor Mark

P.S.—Following up on my sermon last Sunday about serving, I want to continue to encourage you to consider how you can do your part. I mentioned how you can tap the “I want to serve” button in our Guide and find out how God has already uniquely gifted you to serve others in your local church community. And if you haven’t taken that survey, please do so! Also, if you scroll down below my blog preview in this and every issue of the Saturday Bulletin, you will see a weekly section called “Serve” where you can find out the more significant opportunities for you to help others both inside and outside the Chapel Hill community. Let me lift up a couple of other concrete ways you can serve: first, look for Curtis Fries and Cathy Lee on Sunday mornings when you come to church, and speak to them about how you can serve widows and widowers with “handyman” projects on Saturday, September 10. Second, please speak to Kim Hagey, our Director of Early Childhood, if you would like to take care of preschoolers while their mothers attend the MOPS events. Thank you, my Sweetheart Church!