One service…10:00…one service…10:00…one service 10:00…

One service…10:00…one service…10:00…one service 10:00…

This Sunday, we will have only one service at 10:00 am. (Did I mention that earlier?) This is one of those Sundays when we want to remember—and celebrate—the fact that we are part of a larger church family. If we typically worship at our classic service, we have brothers and sisters, large and small, that show up 90 minutes later to rock out. If we don’t think we’ve really worshiped unless our ears are bleeding, it’s good to remember that 90 minutes earlier, our more classically-minded (but every bit as passionate) kindred gathered to worship God in their musical and liturgical language. 

We think this diversity is a good thing. But we also think that, once in a while, it’s good to jam it all together into one big worship sandwich so we can share the exact same experience. 

This is one of those Sundays. 10 years ago, we joined the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) denomination. Many of our current church family weren’t even here back then. But those of us who were…remember how hard was our journey to that point…yet we felt the final destination worth the effort.  

On June 3, 2012, after a year of careful, prayerful and respectful study and discernment—and after, honestly, decades of struggle with a denomination that felt like it was drifting away from us—on that epic day, we were received into the EPC. I will never forget it. It was one of the great moments in my ministry. Neither will those who were there. And for those who were not, we feel like it is an important enough milestone, we’d like you to join us in shouting “hurrah” and “huzzah.” 

It will also be a chance to answer an important question: why do we need a denomination, anyway? Why not just be an independent church? I’m glad you asked. And I will try and answer that question.  

This service is so important to us that the head of our denomination will be flying across country to join us. It’s a big deal…and you won’t want to hear about it later…or try and experience it online. This is an “I gotta-be-there-for-this” moment. And when? 10:00 am Sunday, June 5, one service only! 

And to wrap it up, we will throw a big old party with lots and lots of goodies in the Gathering Place. Sandy Jasper and Sheila Nesland are our party queens. They won’t disappoint. (Parents with children in the nursery and K-3rd grade, please pick up your kids before you come to the reception so our caregivers, volunteers, and staff can also attend the party.)

I hope you’ll come. It has been a great 10 years…and this is only the start. Come…and celebrate. 

One service…10:00…one service…10:00…one service…10:00 ???? 

Pastor Mark