When believers are filled with the Spirit

When believers are filled with the Spirit

Have you ever longed for greater unity in the body of Christ? This week it was so encouraging to join with our Chapel Hill Alpha team and a larger group of 140,000 believers from all over the world for a livestream of the Alpha Leadership Conference. Coming from all different backgrounds, denominations and parts of the world, we joined together with a shared heart to see the evangelization of the nations, the revitalization of the church and the transformation of society. To a world divided on every level, this type of unity is a rare gift, and evidence that the gospel changes lives!

When believers are filled with the Spirit, this is the kind of fruit we see. If you’ve ever wanted to be more like Christ, love more like Christ, or point more people to Christ, you don’t want to miss this Sunday! Join your church family this weekend to hear more about our third core value at Chapel Hill: we are Spirit-filled.

Intrigued? Reading through the book of Acts is a great place to start. Love a good study? Compare and contrast what happened in the Tower of Babel account (Genesis 11:1-9) and on Pentecost (Acts 2). Don’t forget to check out the Guide for additional discussion questions and study materials.

Pastor Rachel

P.S. There’s still time to invite a friend to attend this Alpha. We are meeting on Wednesday nights in the Gathering Place from 6.30 pm. If you or a friend have questions about the Holy Spirit, this is a great place to come and explore them! Contact alpha@chapelhillpc.org with any questions.