Ready. Set. Go?

Ready. Set. Go?

School starts on Tuesday, and I think many of us were expecting that this would be life returning to normal. And now all that seems up in the air…It is like we are starting a race and we have heard the starter go, “Ready. Set.” and then she says the word “go” but with an upward vocal inflection so it sounds more like a question than a command: “Go?” We thought this would be the return to normal, but it doesn’t really feel like it will be. What do we do when are faced with constant change?

This Sunday we kick off a new series studying the Old Testament book of Joshua, and we will deal with this very question in the first sermon in that series. And one of the answers we will discover in the first chapter is that in the face of constant change, we must orient our whole lives around the Word of God—the Bible.

As we enter into this new series on the book of Joshua, here are some resources that we would recommend if you want to dive deeper and do just that: orient your whole life around the Word of God.

First, watch an overview video of the book of Joshua from the team at The Bible Project. This will enable you to get your minds wrapped around the whole sum of the book before we dive deeper into it.

Second, read Joshua in its entirety. It should take a little under two hours, which is about the length of a movie. Of course, you could always split that up over several days. The first half is great, and then the middle becomes a bit of a slog through names and places, but don’t give up, the best part (I think) is at the end!

Third, grab a copy of a resource that can help you dive deeper into the book itself by providing reflections and commentary. One option, which I have felt incredibly perceptive, is Dale Ralph Davis’ book, “Joshua: No Falling Words.” Not only it is a very insightful work, but also very accessible, being designed for all believers.

Finally, get into a LifeGroup (click here to get connected), where you can discuss the book of Joshua on a weekly basis. Many of our groups are using Tony Evans’ study guide: Explore the Bible: Joshua Bible Study Book. We also provide weekly discussion questions for our groups to use that are available in the Weekly Guide.

The Word of God is the constant in the face of constant change, and I would encourage you to dive deeper into it this fall.

See you this Sunday at 8:30, 10:00 or 11:30 am, in person or online.

Pastor Ellis