Passover plague

Passover plague

Hello, my Sweetheart Church!

After a brief road trip through Idaho (Twin Falls is beautiful!), Utah, and Montana, Cyndi and I returned to spend a Staycation in beautiful Gig Harbor. Lots of golf, biking, walking, gardening…and Portuguese lessons. It’s been great!

Being home also allowed us a chance to join in our return to in-person worship. As I shared in an earlier blog, I wept as we sang the first hymn. I didn’t realize how much I longed to be back, in person, with my church family. And although I realize that many do not yet feel safe to return, it has been wonderful to watch as our Sunday morning in-house numbers have begun to grow.

When you DO return, you will be impressed by the precautions being taken to keep people safe. Lots of hand sanitizer, every hard surface in the sanctuary cleaned between services, careful social-distancing, a no-touch worship experience.

And masks. Yes, it was a little odd at first, but we are growing more accustomed to it. And those who cannot do so are safely distancing themselves and being treated respectfully.

What’s more, we are not asking you to RSVP or register for whichever worship service you choose to attend.

In short, when you return to church, I think you will feel remarkably well cared for as we seek to provide a life-giving, life-honoring environment in which to worship…together.

As I return to the pulpit this weekend, a communion Sunday, I’d love to invite you to join us. Of special note: after weeks of preparation, our Children’s Ministry team will resume Sunday morning children’s ministries at the 11:00 am hour. You can count on them to provide the same high level of care and precaution that you have come to expect from that great crew!

And of course, if you are not yet able to be here in person, I look forward to “meeting” you right there in your living room. You’ll want to prepare the elements of bread and juice ahead of time so that you might participate in the sacrament with us.

This Sunday, I’m going to talk about a vaccine. No, not against COVID; that’s TOO controversial. But against a virus that is far more widespread…and far more deadly. Fortunately, THIS vaccine, for those who choose to receive it, is 100% effective. I look forward to sharing it with you.

And by the way, I have two surprises for you this weekend…one of which will, I know, change my life…and my sermons….forever!

Pastor Mark