My top 5 dad excuses

My top 5 dad excuses

This season has certainly been quite the season to be parenting kids at home! I’ve enjoyed all the opportunities to spend more time with my kids, but it has also been quite testing at times, especially when it comes to homeschooling my kids.

I remember one point when I was trying to do a school worksheet with Evelyn, my six-year-old daughter, and I was saying to her, “I know this is hard. I know it’s frustrating. But we will get through it. Now, can you explain this math just once more? I’m really close to understanding it.”

And I have a degree in math!

In the end, I figured things out. You just need to login to the PSD Portal, scroll down to the link for iReady, log in with your kids’ details you find in Remind, and then complete the assignments posted in Schoology.

Easy, right?

In truth, I’ve found myself making all sorts of excuses in this season, and in tomorrow’s online services, I’m going to be sharing my top 5 dad excuses through the lens of the story of Moses. Moses was called to a task that he felt unable to complete, and as he shares his five excuses in Exodus 3-4, I’m going to talk about how God was faithful to his call on Moses’ life, in spite of Moses’ attitude. In the same way, God will be faithful to his call on the lives of dads, in spite of our attitudes!

Also in our services, you’re going to hear from two young dads in our congregation about their experiences of parenting during COVID-19, the things God has been teaching them, and how they want to parent differently as we return to a new normal.

Finally, if you love bluegrass, make sure to join us at 9:00 am for some special music. And if you love rock music, you’ll want to join us at our 10:00 am service for some shredding.

I hope to see you tomorrow morning!

Pastor Ellis


PS—I’m also going to be sharing a BIG announcement this Sunday regarding future worship services. You won’t want to miss this! See you Sunday!