Introduce someone to the GLOW of Jesus

Introduce someone to the GLOW of Jesus

These last few weekends in worship, we’ve been in a series called “I ≠ Him.” Simply put, we are not equal to Jesus. We have learned that we are not the light; Jesus is the light! We are not the first; Jesus is first! We aren’t meant to take on all the pressures and all the responsibility that only Jesus can handle. It’s too much for us! We are simply witnesses, guides, pointers to Jesus. We aren’t the Savior, we aren’t the Lord, we simply point people to the One who is.

If you’re anything like me, you probably wonder what that looks like. It’s kind of tough—especially as an introvert! How do I point people to Jesus? Well, this is a great season to ask that question. Because this time of year, more than any other, people are open to an invitation to church. They’re more willing to consider spiritual things than they usually would be. So, pointing to Jesus can be as simple as asking someone, “Would you come with me?” And if you’re wondering what event you should invite your friends, your neighbors, your family members to, we have a great opportunity for you!

This Saturday night at 6:30 pm in the Sanctuary, we will hold our annual GLOW event—Christmas carols by glow stick. It’s a night of fun, color, light, sound, and joy! There will be glow sticks. There will be lightsabers. There will be a hot cocoa bar. And there will, of course, be exciting music to sing and dance to. It’s a blast! Out of all the events we have at Chapel Hill, this is one of the easiest to invite friends to. We actually build this service expecting folks to join us who don’t have much of a church background. And we will introduce them to Jesus—the only one who can give them the love, the peace, and the life that we’re all looking for.

So, consider for a minute, who do you know that you could invite? Who do you know that feels far from God this holiday season? Who could use some joy in their life this Christmas? Invite them to GLOW this Saturday! Be a witness, just like John! You never know how God might meet them through the music, through the love of the church, and through the gospel of Jesus. 

Pastor Mark Toone