Game Changer Week 3: Devotional Day 6

Game Changer Week 3: Devotional Day 6

Fighting Fear

DAY 6 – Saturday

Daily devotional


Mark 6: 50

Dig Deeper: Mark 6:45-52, Exodus 3:14, 6:6, Isaiah 41:4, 43:10-11, 48:12, John 17, John 14:20, 26, 15:4


  • Are you afraid right now?
  • Presently, do you hear Jesus saying to you from the word, “Do not be afraid”? Explain. Do you have a verse to hold on to during this time?
  • How are you responding to his admonition?
  • Is compassion part of your life?
  • How can you end this week with an act of compassion? Maybe someone’s only connection to Jesus is through you!

This account ends with the phrase “they did not understand about the loaves, for their hearts were hardened”. Consider how the disciples experienced first hand the power and authority of Christ and yet didn’t yet understand the fulness of how he truly was. They are even “terrified” when they see him and mistake him for a ghost! How can you relate to this gradual process of learning who Jesus is?


What a compassionate Lord we serve. Here Jesus was just “passing by” trying to reveal himself to his disciples, who didn’t understand. But instead of scolding them and humiliating them in their lack of recognition, Jesus again, immediately speaks to them. “Take heart, it is I. Do not be afraid “. Jesus’ command is something like this “Have courage, it is I, have courage! Can you hear the compassion in his voice? Compassion for these big, fearful, terrified fishermen!

The phrase “Take heart, it is I. Do not be afraid”, is a faith building, compassionate command. Even in this command Jesus is revealing himself. “It is I” I am not a ghost or apparition. The phrase, “It is I”, is again a reference to the self-disclosure God made to Moses in Exodus 3:14, 6:6, Isaiah 41:4, 43:10-11, 48:12. In the book of Mark, Jesus shows us that he is the Son of God through his compassion to his disciples.

It is really me! And isn’t that what we all need when we are facing fear? We need Jesus to reveal himself to us! He didn’t wait around to see how they were responding to his,” passing by”. He said “it is I”! When we are fearful we need both physical acts of compassion, and verbal acts of compassion. Words of encouragement—and kindness shown!—“Jesus sees you and it is going to be all right.”  A hug, a meal, someone to clean your toilets!

We need to remember that Jesus ministers to people’s needs through his disciples. We help each other fight fear. That’s you, that’s me! A simple smile, a hug, a meal, a ride to an appointment, a birthday party! Everyday kindnesses. Words of encouragement from the Word. Spoken words of encouragement from one person to another. Fear is slain when we as his disciples pour out his love through us. Fight fear for yourself and for someone else today!