Help a Sister Out!

Help a Sister Out!

You know this moment: life transition. You don’t know where anything is. Can’t find a rhythm to save your life. You go to bed at crazy hours. Workout, what’s that? Oh—you want to ask about my soul? Seriously, did I eat recently? I can’t remember. I hope you had a tribe of people to get you through that season until you could be whole and find your stride again. We know there’s one group of people we can help get through that season, and we need your help to serve them.

It’s our community’s moms. They’re the ones you see at the park frantically looking for a lost toddler and going to the grocery store with a high ponytail. You may have been annoyed that they didn’t look when they were parking (blame sleep deprivation) or perhaps you empathetically glanced their way with an, “Ah, I remember those days.” Well, I’m asking you to do one step more.

There’s no time to meet Jesus quite like those early days of parenting. We new moms know our need. And we are looking for community especially in that life transition described above. We’re looking to remember who we are when it feels like we are being completely redefined and lost to our kids. And Jesus defines that for all of us! He tells us we belong in this beautiful, crazy family called the Church that he has put together. He tells us that we are his children, bad attitudes and dirty hair included. This tribe of young moms are truly seeking to belong and to rediscover who they are, and they’re showing up on the doorstep of Chapel Hill—they’re sitting on a wait list even!—to find what you know already. Will you help show them Jesus?

I’m talking about MOPS—Mothers of Preschoolers. I’ve been at MOPS for three years. Katie, a fellow mom, made a couple dozen breakfast burritos for me when I couldn’t figure out how to eat breakfast. Jane, a mentor mom, dropped notes of encouragement on my front door step. Rich, Bill and Dan, grandfathers themselves, were there to greet Reed with a truck-in-hand when he started wailing at drop off. Kelly, a visiting speaker, reminded me through Psalm 139 that Jesus was forming me as the woman I am even while at home doing the dirty work of mothering. And so I have come out three years later closer to Jesus, with more community, and with a place Reed loves to come.

I’m one of the pastors, for goodness’ sake, and I needed MOPS! How much more does this help moms who don’t already know Jesus and have this community? Will you help us prepare a home for many more moms to find Jesus as they seek community and identity? We need 200 volunteer slots filled across our next program year. It’s called MOPPETS, and it’s the group that cares for and nurtures the kids while the moms are refreshed in community and faith. You’ll hear about it Sunday, but you can sign up now.

Thank you for being the community that offers Jesus to those who are seeking. Thank you for serving our family in this season as well.

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Pastor Megan