Calling all sheep

Calling all sheep

At the time of Jesus, shepherds often had a kind of co-op sheep pen. Several shepherds would all put their sheep in the pen together at night. But how, in the morning, could they separate their sheep, one flock from another? Simple! The sheep knew the voice of their shepherd. All he had to do was call, and the sheep would respond. 

Well, the under-shepherds here at Chapel Hill have been calling their sheep all week! Our goal was that every member family would hear from an elder, deacon or pastor. We want to check on our flock! Make sure that all is well, find out if there are any needs and ultimately, remind everyone in this season of physical separation that we are still one church family and we stand together in this challenging time.

The reports coming back from those calls have been such a blessing. Often, rather than finding ways we can serve you, we are hearing from you how you are already serving others! One was delivering groceries to the food bank. Another was off delivering food to a remote neighbor who could not drive. Others are offering technical help to the technologically….urrrr…stunted among us so that they can participate in our on-line worship services. Another woman who has homeschooled for years was able to offer advice to the young mother who was calling her, advice on how to keep her own children productively occupied during this time. 

Speaking personally, every single person to whom I have talked has expressed deep gratitude that their church remembered them and cared for them. Here’s my prediction, friends. I predict that when this subsides…and I promise, it WILL subside!…the people of Chapel Hill will be more connected than ever! And that is nothing but good!

Here’s another benefit of this season of virtual church: it is an opportunity and encouragement for you to sign up for on-line, recurring giving. Electronic giving is so convenient for you and the regularity of it is such a gift for your church. It is only through your regular, generous giving that Chapel Hill is able to maintain the level and quality of ministries that we are providing. We cannot do it without you. If you would like to join the on-line giving family, click this link. It is simple…and so very appreciated!

I look forward to worshiping with you tomorrow morning. Last week, our “attendance” grew by 17.6% overall, with a 22.6% increase in views over the past two weeks when we premiere the online service video at 10:00 am. The word is getting out! How about inviting a friend or two to join us online. It might just be their first step into our church family.

And remember…the Lord is in control. So, “keep calm…and carry on!”

Pastor Mark