The Inconvenience of Saving Someone

The Inconvenience of Saving Someone

Her name was Maria. She was perhaps five years old. I was sitting beside the pool on vacation, reading a book, having no interest in getting wet when I noticed this little dark-haired girl struggling to get her head above water. I realized that this was serious, so I jumped in, helped her to the edge and handed her over to her parents. Did I save her? Perhaps. I am sure that if I hadn’t noticed Maria, someone else would have. As it happens, however, I saw her first and had the privilege of helping.

I suppose it was a little inconvenient. I was in the middle of a Tom Clancy novel. I had not planned on getting in the water. It was a disruption to my respite. But do you think any of those things went through my mind? Of course not. Why not? Because I knew what was at stake. If Maria didn’t get her head above water, it would be perilous.

Speaking spiritually, I wonder if the reason so many of us Jesus-followers are reluctant to share our faith or invite someone to church is that we don’t really believe they are in peril. I wonder…  if we had a glimpse of a person’s soul that was sputtering to take a breath, if we would feel a greater urgency to intervene? To inconvenience ourselves? To invite?

There is no more fruitful time to reach out to someone spiritually than Easter. We are at the beginning of Holy Week. Thursday night we will celebrate a powerful service of silence and communion at 7:00. And next Easter Sunday, we will gather four times: two blended services at 8 and 9:15 and two modern services at 10:30 and 11:47. We are calling it “Second-Chance Sunday”, obviously a reference Jesus’ incredible second chance through his resurrection. But we will also focus on how Jesus offers us a second chance at life… every one of us, no matter what we’ve done.

Surely, you have one friend who would benefit from that message. You may not be able to see from the outside, but on the inside… they are drowning. Please, won’t you dive in?

Pastor Mark

P.S. There are several ways you can serve the visitors to your church this Easter. One is by simply worshipping at the first or last hours; the middle services will be jammed. Also, if you can, park at a distance. And…if you would be willing to serve during one of the services, we could really use your help. Contact Tina Lerch via email, or call 853.0232.