Month: March 2015

Luke 16

What did I learn about Jesus? His teaching—even with things like money and marriage—are matters of eternity. Jesus sees the motivation of our hearts (verse 15).  What did I learn about disciple-making? Managing God’s resources involves being shrewd and faithful. We don’t appear to have a second chance after this life to decide about Jesus. […]

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Projects & Blessings

By Dan Griswold Yesterday was our first “project” work day with our partner – Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO).  What a blessing to see our team in action – diving into the tasks wholeheartedly! Here are a few blessings we saw yesterday: 256+ children at Safe Haven School for underprivileged children received vitamins, deworming medication, fluoride dental […]

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Luke 12

What did I learn about Jesus? Jesus was not afraid of a “hell, fire and brimstone” sermon (verses 1-10). Jesus also addresses our desire for more things and our worry (and they seem to go hand-in-hand—note the “therefore” in verse 22)—powerful messages for today (verses 13-34). What did I learn about disciple-making? Our confidence in […]

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