Projects & Blessings

Projects & Blessings

By Dan Griswold

Yesterday was our first “project” work day with our partner – Cambodian Hope Organization (CHO).  What a blessing to see our team in action – diving into the tasks wholeheartedly!

Here are a few blessings we saw yesterday:

  • 256+ children at Safe Haven School for underprivileged children received vitamins, deworming medication, fluoride dental treatment and oral hygiene education
  • 5 children at Safe Haven received medical care
  • 27 CHO staff & dependents received medical care
  • 70 pastors started Lay Pastor training yesterday at Safe Haven
  • First draft of floor planning revisions (Architectural) for Destiny Café income have been completed
  • 800 meters of perimeter berm/flood wall at Safe Haven have been inspected
  • 10 water wells & two water supply ponds in rural villages were inspected
  • Location of pilot water filtration project identified at Safe Haven
  • Loads of relationship building, ending with a sweet time of worship!

God has blessed us with a fantastic team!