Thailand – Day 9

Thailand – Day 9

We have another great day today.  Medical and dental clinics continued all day.  Still more training for the local medics.  They did a lot of the procedures and are doing a great job.

We had a full day with over 100 kids from the village and surrounding areas.  Compassion International has a program for these kids each Saturday, so we were able do the program for this week.  Activities included bible drama stories, health lessons, link tag, jump rope, beads, friendship bracelets, coloring, string games and lots more.  Again, it was really hot, but we had a lot of fun.  One girl I met was 11 years old and she had great English and math skills.  I learned that she comes from Burma each week for this program.  I got a picture of her and hope to be able learn more about her in the future.

Our first real exposure to heavy, lasting rains started in the late afternoon.  Two little boys were playing in the streams running down the street and the downspout.  It was fun to watch them.

We had our last evening with the hostel kids, so we had a party for them – including kazoos and glow braclets.  The highlight was a dance party, including the hokey pokey, macarena, electric slide and chicken dance.  We have some great videos from this.

Lots of hugs as we said good night to the kids.