Thursday in Villa Hortencia

Thursday in Villa Hortencia

Thursday (Day 7)   – Villa Hortencia (our village)
Norma Nordquist posting…

Galations 6:10 Therefore as we have the opportunity let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.

Dear friends,

Another glorious day with our Villa Hortencia friends. After trekking up a steep, rocky mountain path, we arrived to the most awe inspiring view you could ever imagine. The beauty of God’s world lay before us. A steep mountain slope had been cleared and a lush crop of snow peas were ready to be picked! We attempted “help” with the monumental task of picking them. Most of us spent our time and energy just trying to stay upright and not roll down the mountain! We gained a whole new insight into the efforts the farmers here have to exert in order support their families. In three days these peas will be sold in market in London, England.

We shared our lunch with the men who we had been working with in the field, giving us time to fellowship and appreciate our developing friendship. 

After lunch we experienced a cultural exchange with a gracious family. They demonstrated the preparation and use of the “temascal”, which is similar to a sauna.  To our amusement and delight, their son, wrapped in a towel, crawled inside to show us how it’s done. Following this, we all were invited to enter, however the heat was so intense and we quickly exited!! 

On our way back into Nebaj, we stopped at the Agros Training Center for a tour of their expanding facility. Greenhouse of newly planted tomatoes, newly constructed structures for 200 goats and a soon to be food processing plant. 

From all of our experiences today, we now have a greater appreciation for the hard work the farmers have to maintain every day. By working along side of them, sharing a meal and visiting their home, our lives have been enriched. 

Blessings from Norma