Doing marriage well is one of the most important and challenging things in life. Chapel Hill has various offerings that support couples no matter what stage you’re in on your marriage journey.

For information on the marriage programs, email Shannon Hardin or call 253.853.0229.


Marriage is a journey with many ebbs and flows.  Before you decide to embark on this voyage with your beloved, take time to explore what makes a healthy marriage before you say “I do”.  

The Pre-Marriage Mentoring program begins with couples completing an assessment, which generates a comprehensive evaluation.  Areas assessed include personality, spiritual beliefs, role expectations, money matters and other marital topics.  Discussion of the evaluation is facilitated by skilled and experienced marriage mentor couples. The mentors guide the engaged couple through several sessions, with the hope of building a strong relationship foundation. Total cost is $35 for assessment and materials. 

  Marriage Counseling 

Chapel Hill has created a program designed to stabilize the marriage relationship and strive to provide hope for couples longing for their marriage to be restored. Each married couple is paired with highly qualified marriage lay counselors, who create a safe place to work through struggles, foster an environment of trust and security and help couples master healthy communication.  Information is available about lay counseling.

Marriage Lay Counseling Oct 2017 from Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church on Vimeo.

  Marriage Groups

Intimate Encounters Marriage Groups - Is your marriage in a place of endearment or endurance? Are you ready to turn your hurting into healing?  Do you want to make your good marriage great?

Intimate Encounters Marriage LifeGroups will provide mutual encouragement and accountability in the context of a supportive small group environment. Focus on healing relational wounds in yourself and in your spouse. Adopt new ways of communicating with each other and block actions that destroy trust and intimacy. These groups will teach you how to identify and put into practice key elements of a successful marriage. 

Groups are very relational with time to connect and a brief teaching video. With two groups offered on Wednesdays and one on Saturdays, classes run from 6:30-8:00pm and will generally meet every other week to give couples a chance to work through their class materials. There are 18 sessions, though each group will be able to decide if they want to keep meeting for additional curriculum or fellowship

 The winter/spring session is full, but this may be offered in the future.  Please  feel free to contact Lisa VanDoorne at 253.853.0279 with inquiries. 

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